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Oh look, another Twin is hurt

This time its Mitch Garver

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

After yesterday’s game, the Twins had to evaluate three of their players for injury—including catcher Willians Astudillo. La Tortuga was apparently okay, as he entered today’s game at catcher before closing it out for the bullpen, but another catcher left injured.

Mitch Garver has a right knee contusion.

And it doesn’t sound good.

Hopefully Garver is alright, but one assumes that Astudillo or Ben Rortvedt will start tomorrow—and Ryan Jeffers is a phone call away if this turns into a longer thing—although the Saints are visiting Indianapolis for most of the next week.

For the Twins, the injuries just keep piling up. Its not the entire reason why the 2021 season is on death watch, but it is certainly a factor. By suffering an injury tonight Garver joins the ranks of Byron Buxton, Alex Kirilloff, Josh Donaldson, Miguel Sano, basically every other Twin you can name, and some you can’t. Lets just hope things get better soon.