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Ozzie Guillen breaks our hearts, with cold hard truth

He might be right, but ouch.

General Views of Arena Amazonia - FIFA World Cup Venues Brazil 2013 Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images,

Ozzie Guillen, as White Sox skipper back in the early ‘00s, coined the term “Piranhas” to describe the scrappy Twins teams of the era. We, of course, took that term and ran with it, making it legendary.

Ozzie is no longer a MLB manager, and hasn’t been for years, but he’s still a highly entertaining, if all-too-infrequent Twitter presence. And he has words to say about the 2021 Twins.

This tweet, of course, comes on the heels of the guppies getting utterly destroyed at home by Guillen’s old White Sox, now helmed by a guy who once managed Ozzie Guillen with the White Sox.

These words, painful as they are, carry the ring of truth. The Twins offense has been toothless, the pitching has been mediocre, and outside of Rob Refsnyder, no one really seems to have much fight. Piranhas no more, not even a northern or puny bluegill. We’re the guppies. 2021 sucks.

STguppy Photo by Norm Shafer/For the Washington Post