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The 2021 Twins season, in sonnet form

You’re in iambic trouble...

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
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Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

There has already been plenty of time to reflect on a dreadful Twins season, and I’m sure a number of pieces have been penned dissecting all that has gone wrong in 2021. But have any of them done so in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet? If not, here’s one now.

Where once was hope, there now resides despair;
Within the hearts of fans there suffers pain.
Anticipation used to fill the air,
But many’ve wrote it off as down the drain.
The hitters fail to hit, and on the mound,
Their pitching each opposing batter wrecks.
Throughout the painted bleachers, boos resound;
They play as if beneath a witch’s hex.
However, May is May, and spring is spring;
The calendar has many months to go.
We cheer for every grab and throw and swing,
And pray the team will slip the grasp of woe.
In ‘21, we Twins supporters cope;
Where dwells despair must also dwell our hope.