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Twins 5, White Sox 4: Polanco walks it off

The Twins were losing this game, until they suddenly decided they’d rather win it.

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
I love this shot.
Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

This game was looking like just another boring Twins loss, something we’ve seen time and time again this year, until the late innings. Tyler Duffey threw a pitch behind Yermin Mercedes, the umpires convened and then threw out Duffey. Rocco Baldelli came out to argue and he was tossed as well. It seems unlikely that it was an accident, and assuming it wasn’t I’m not sure if this was something Duffey did on his own or if someone told him to do it. We’ll probably never know for sure, unless we invent mind reading (we should not do this).

Bailey Ober got the start today in place of Michael Pineda, and he wasn’t that great; 4.0 IP, 4 R. He did show some potential, though, and wasn’t as bad as Derek Law. This is how low the bar is right now. A solo blast by Jake Lamb and a 2-run homer by Yasmani Grandal were the main damage dealers.

The highlight of this game, other than the ending (spoilers), was definitely Miguel Sano’s 3-homer game, including a two-run blast that tied the game in the 8th inning at 4. Sano now has 4 home runs in his last 4 games, and this was his first 3-homer game of his career.

The White Sox couldn’t score in the top of the 9th, giving the Twins a chance to walk it off. Andrelton Simmons lead off with a single. Nelson Cruz grounded out but Simmons advanced to 2nd on the play. Luis Arraez was intentionally walked, bringing Josh Donaldson to the plate, but he flew out with Simmons going to 3rd. Finally, Jorge Polanco ripped a single into the right field corner to score the winning run and walk off the game!

With that I conclude the 2021 Twins fixed, and they’ll easily win their next 20 games.


Sano: He hit 3 HR

The Bullpen(!?): Stashak, Robles, Colome, and Rogers combined for 4.2 innings of shutout baseball, striking out 9.

Jorge Polanco: He won the game!


No duds Twins win!

Oh, except for the Unwritten Rules of Baseball, that was a major dud tonight. Tony La Russa’s thoughts?


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8 doomsdayshark Go Twins Go
6 TJ Gorsegner [no title]
6 Matt Monitto au contraire
5 SooFoo Fan Man this guy doesn't walk anybody
5 doomsdayshark GAME OBER.
5 doomsdayshark Probably
5 Matt Monitto Someone created a petition
5 CG19 The season is Ober
5 Joel Hernandez First time commentator here
4 CG19 Guy crying on other team’s fan site asks if they’re done crying
4 areb I just really really hate the White S*x.
4 James Fillmore Ask Jarvi
4 Brandon Brooks Cy Young Award sandwiches
4 Brandon Brooks This game is far from ober
4 Brandon Brooks I'll take the ober
4 SooFoo Fan Or maybe Jon Rauch if we're just talking tallness
3 James Fillmore Per radio, on Pineda's scratch
3 CG19 There’s a bunt equivalent, that’s funny
3 SooFoo Fan I'm sure he's Ober the moon about that
3 CG19 Underrated factor is that Ober isn’t saddled with a loss in his debut
3 CG19 [no title]
3 Matt Monitto GO TWIMS GO
3 Matt Monitto Aaron Slegers?
3 areb So if we get Sano 8 more at bats tonight maybe we will win?
3 areb Easy
3 James Fillmore They were winning all the time until YOU showed up
3 norff It's already Ober
3 mefoolonhill It's Ober already
3 TJ Gorsegner The Braves also have a bad habit of randomly falling over at first base
3 Brandon Brooks It's starting to feel like 2013-era Twinkie Town
3 TJ Gorsegner Cover Your Ass sandwiches
3 SooFoo Fan [no title]
3 Imakesandwichesforaliving No need for name-calling, SooFoo
2 Matt Monitto *far from Ober
2 James Fillmore Alan Moore's first, rejected ending to "Watchmen"
2 James Fillmore Ober = this year's Albers?
2 Brandon Brooks The fine folks at Twinkie Town after dark dot com would be happy to take over the White Sox
2 Imakesandwichesforaliving Time for bed
2 SooFoo Fan Thats Ober the right field wall
2 TJ Gorsegner Yeah, Tony made a bigger deal of it than anyone
2 TJ Gorsegner There is the problem
2 SooFoo Fan I was told mid-80s but i guess its low 90s
2 Imakesandwichesforaliving Do you have eight to ten hours
2 doomsdayshark Could've gone a lot worse
2 TJ Gorsegner I think it actually went Ober pretty well
2 billyok Can you talk to our manager then?
2 Brandon Brooks LOL, absolutely not a single human soul on this blog cared
2 Brandon Brooks allow it to precipitate in cooler conditions than usual
2 James Fillmore Twins over .333!
2 CG19 Looking at those stats, it’s weird how Stashak went from good control pitcher to high K guy with so many walks that he’s barely playable
2 Brandon Brooks *Ask Jeeves
2 gintzer Hip hip, Jorge!
2 SooFoo Fan No no, I asked for this
2 doomsdayshark [no title]
2 Brandon Brooks HE BROUGHT IT DOWN
1 Imakesandwichesforaliving GO TWIMS GO
1 Joeyself As I was saying
1 TJ Gorsegner WHAT IS THIS
1 James Fillmore Provus sounds like the Twins just won at ALL OF LIFE
1 TJ Gorsegner Well, he traded an out for a base
1 norff POLO WINS IT
1 Joeyself Oh, yeah, on a 3-2 count
1 Joeyself Well, to be honest, the Sox won't be expecting it.
1 SooFoo Fan JORGE
1 SooFoo Fan WE WIN
1 Joeyself Earlier in the year, I wouldn't have wanted Polanco up
1 mefoolonhill I am not emotionally prepared to cope
1 James Fillmore Sano did whaaaat?
1 Imakesandwichesforaliving Time to out your sources
1 James Fillmore Ober = this year's Boof?
1 James Fillmore Pineda avoided COVID and got bubonic plague instead
1 doomsdayshark That's one of the later plagues, IIRC
1 SooFoo Fan We are technically in this game
1 TJ Gorsegner Plouffe said no in a tweet
1 CG19 I just hate how the dumb unwritten rules make them all look stupid
1 James Fillmore Gladden: if the Twins win every series until June 28th
1 TJ Gorsegner The consequences are that he has to serve as TLR's DD
1 SooFoo Fan [no title]
1 TJ Gorsegner Go Twins Go
1 SooFoo Fan Maybe Sano's bat is waking up
1 SooFoo Fan Cya sandwiches I'll hold the fort down
1 Brandon Brooks sigh
1 Brandon Brooks The ENTIRE offense
1 Brandon Brooks Oops! All Berrios
1 TJ Gorsegner This is why I don't post from my phone very often
1 Joel Hernandez Pretty sure it was intentional
1 doomsdayshark Is it a BlackBerries?
1 areb Tough call