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Twins 8, Orioles 3: Set the DeLorean for 2019

Hollywood Museum’s “Back To The Future” Trilogy: The Exhibit Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

This looked a hell of a lot like a typical 2021 Twins game. Until it looked a hell of a lot like a typical 2019 Twins game.

Matt Shoemaker pitched what was probably his best outing of the season, giving up a run in the first, before blanking the O’s through the next five innings, exiting after six, having given up one run on five hits, two walks, and three punchouts. Nice work Matt, you kept your team in the game, and were in line for a ever-so-important pitcher win.

John Means was, if anything, better than Shoemaker. He just happened to have a couple mistakes. Means pitched seven innings, surrendering two runs on five hits, no walks, and five strikeouts. But man, those mistakes. The first was a third-inning blast by Trevor Larnach that put him into some elite company (and Tyler Austin, who you had honestly forgot about.)

The second run the Twins scored off Means also came on a bomba, as the 2019 revival night kicked off. This was obviously another solo dong, hit in the sixth by one Kyle Garlick, who is like a Twins superhero now.

Luke Farrell relieved Shoemaker, and his night was neither hot, nor cold. Look, I’m proud of this pun, and not at all ashamed to just keep repeating it.

Jorge Alcala did not continue the scorelessness after a rain delay. He surrendered the lead, and a pair of runs in the eighth inning. That just seemed to have made the Twins offense angry though. With the Twins behind by a run, the bats came alive, and we saw what we expected to see from the Twins (in other words not the garbage of the last two months.)

Andrelton Simmons started the inning with a walk, in his first at bat. Kyle Garlick picked up his second hit of the evening, singling to put runners on the corners, and then Josh Donaldson hit a sac fly that tied up the game. But oh, were the Twins just getting started. Alex Kirilloff singled. Mitch Garver then poured a little garvsauce on it, and hit a oppo double to bring both Garlick and Kirilloff home. Miguel Sano single. Rob Refsnyder single. Trevor Larnach single. Andrelton Simmons single. Nelson Cruz walk. End result: six run inning. Kyle Garlick struck out to end it, but we can forgive him.

Even Alex Colome looked good tonight, and struck out two batters in a scoreless ninth. I still l don’t trust him though.


Matt Shoemaker
Trevor Larnach
Kyle Garlick
The home half of the eighth inning


For those who don’t recall, it was the doldrums of the early 2010’s, and the Twins lost a lot, therefore here at Twinkietown a tradition started. When the Twins win, there are no Duds.

Roll Call:

COTG: Uh, take it Brandon or James. I’m not that self-centered.

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 TJ Gorsegner Go Twins Go
5 TJ Gorsegner but not a rational act
4 Brandon Brooks GO TWINS GO
4 James Fillmore Truly, Refsnyder is the Dinkelman we need right now
3 Brandon Brooks The tarp BRING BACK THE TARP
3 Brandon Brooks My favorite is still probably Talkin' World War III Blues
3 James Fillmore It's not dark yet
3 SooFoo Fan ITS A TARP
3 TJ Gorsegner That's because you were the stick-ee
2 TJ Gorsegner Guys
2 Mrmumph Keep an eye on that Mountbatten
2 Mrmumph And give in to "big tarp"?!
2 Uncle Lincoln Manfred should just change the rule to make it so the bats and balls are made out of wet sponges, and thus are unaffected by the rain.
2 SconnieInTC Ding ding ding!
2 James Fillmore If the Orioles start this innning by getting a guy to second with no outs but can't score
2 James Fillmore I'm weirdly partial to "Jokerman"
2 Uncle Lincoln Oh yeah, Nelson played for the Orioles that one time!
2 doomsdayshark One of the great low-key Dylan songs
2 Imakesandwichesforaliving Damn wet blankets
1 traj737 Nice colome finally a solid close out
1 Mrmumph Maybe the Marco Polayer of the year
1 norff he arguably outpitched shoemaker, just gave up two solo homers
1 Mrmumph [no title]
1 SooFoo Fan Just throw a tarp over target field
1 trigonzobob And block the view of the 'Super Flower Blood Moon' lunar eclipse?!?
1 Uncle Lincoln Yay the Twins!
1 Uncle Lincoln Do you think Buxton stays healthy enough this season to win a Soggy Slugger award?
1 traj737 Finally finished out a game strong
1 Mrmumph I blame the grounds crew
1 James Fillmore The fifth person from the left pullung the tarp out RUINED THE SEASON
1 SooFoo Fan Don't say that again
1 SooFoo Fan Nice insurance run, Sano
1 Mrmumph Great Win
1 Mrmumph What's with the thirst?!
1 davethekid Good call Diaz to send Garver home on Sano's hit!
1 doomsdayshark I am really starting to like Kirilloff
1 trigonzobob [no title]
1 Mrmumph Another tie!
1 TJ Gorsegner twss?
1 SconnieInTC Garlic(k) Pow(d)er?!?
1 norff On the upside, it probably adds to Rocco's total number of unique starting lineups
1 Matt Monitto These are loverly
1 Brandon Brooks I didn't even get a sticker
1 Brandon Brooks We need an anti-rec button
1 TJ Gorsegner twinkie town dot com after dark
1 TJ Gorsegner The Twins only lose 87.5% of extra inning games!
1 TJ Gorsegner It sounds incredibly British
1 James Fillmore Not a sane number
1 Brandon Brooks [no title]
1 James Fillmore Soo Foo is Larnach's stalker now
1 James Fillmore TJ is Larnach's stalker now
1 Uncle Lincoln Luke Warm is my favorite terrible name for an action hero or fictional super spy.
1 James Fillmore And, YUP
1 doomsdayshark Not exactly a stress-free outing by Shoemaker
1 Mrmumph Please hold this
1 trigonzobob [no title]
1 Uncle Lincoln [no title]
1 trigonzobob Ectoplasm, Twins! Ectoplasm!
1 Rich's Pitches If you say predicted our lineup today even 2 weeks ago you are lying
1 Uncle Lincoln A Farewell to Lukes is my favorite Hemingway novel.
1 SooFoo Fan Nice job on the relay throw by Gordon
1 TJ Gorsegner Wow, such luxuries!
1 TJ Gorsegner He's not exactly hot, but he did get the hold, so I guess he's...