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Game 53: Twins at Orioles

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

First Pitch: 12:05 CDT

TV: ESPN and/or Bally Sports North

Radio: WCCO 830, Audacy, The Wolf 102.9 FM, TIBN

Know Thine Enemy: Camden Chat

Its the unofficial start of summer, and as the Twins are our “Boys of Summer,” maybe its time for them to heat up, as the weather seems to be doing.

Okay, that was lame and corny. This time last week though, the Twins were the worst team in baseball. After sweeping the O’s and picking up a win against Kansas City, they look a little more lively. This team probably won’t make a playoff run at this point, but at least they might be fun to watch.

Jose Berrios is projected to start for the Twins. Jorge Lopez for the Orioles. Based on their stats, that is a good thing for Twins fans.

We also know Rob Refsynder is probably getting the start in centerfield, as there are literally no other options. Besides that, someone can edit in the lineups when they are available.

The recap might also be a bit later than usual, someone—and I’m still not sure who—will have one though.

Finally, today is Memorial Day, which I’m sure you knew. Take a moment to reflect.