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Twins Twitter suggests better things for Matt Shoemaker to do for a living

Better than “losing more games for the Twins”

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

After last night’s episode of Matty Meltdown, I put the question out to the universe — or at least our Twitter followers.

As expected, the universe (or at least you wonderful Twitter weirdos) did not disappoint.

Several of you suggest he should take his name more literally.

I guess its a good thing his name isn’t “Matt Badpitcher” or we’d never be rid of him.

Others suggested roles where his current talents might be put to better use.

Still others didn’t even trust him that close to bases and/or balls, and suggested he go another direction entirely.

One of you, however, made a joke that went “wide left” of the mark.

A couple of you creative souls, best of all, found ways he could still help his teammates out.

Who among us wouldn’t be Willians Astudillo, if given the choice? If you can be Willians Astudillo, you be Willians Astudillo.

What else could Shoemaker be doing for a living?