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The Twins could wind up in position for a reunion with Kyle Gibson

Texas Rangers v Houston Astros Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Yeah, I know, the Twins are 12 games back. But they are finally, finally starting to get guys back healthy. Minus Byron Buxton, perhaps. The Twins are also showing signs of life, winning 6 of their last ten games—while Chicago has dropped seven of ten. So while it might be unlikely for the Twins to make a charge and overtake the filthy laundry lets imagine a scenario where they do. Lets say we get through June and deep into July, and the Twins are hovering around .500, competitive in the division. Its not impossible, and the playoff field is large. Would you consider trading for a missing piece?

You know my answer to this question.

Kyle Gibson is currently the best pitcher in the American League. He never really got healthy after a GI issue during his contract year in 2019, and the Twins couldn’t count on him down the stretch—I can’t blame them for letting him walk, but perhaps a reunion could be in the offing.

Right now, Gibson’s 2.17 ERA is the lowest in the junior circuit, and he has five highly coveted pitcher wins. More importantly, he has given up less home runs and less walks than ever in his career, while also suffering a small drop in strikeout rate. Of his last 14 starts, 12 have been quality starts, as Brandon pointed out to me, inspiring this entire thought exercise.

Gibson’s Rangers are bad, the Twins just beat up on them afterall. When you get swept by the bummer squad, well, ouch. At 19 games back, they are significantly worse off than Minnesota, and in a much more difficult division. In other words—they are likely to be sellers. Like I said, the Twins probably will be too, but at least there is a chance they aren’t.

The Twins’ current rotation is unsettled, to say the best. Matt Badpitcher Shoemaker was banished to the badpen bullpen. Randy Dobnak is on the IL, straining his birdy by flipping it at the way the front office has jerked him around this year. Michael Pineda and Kenta Maeda have both missed starts. Danny Coulombe, shockingly, made a start as an opener. A reliable starting pitcher would help the Twins immensely, and also take some pressure off that aforementioned badpen.

And if the Twins are buyers—should, could they buy on Kyle? Should—well, I don’t really care. I want it to happen regardless. Could—certainly they have the prospect capital to do so, however ill-advised the decision is. The Twins might be bidding against Houston and Oakland, but inter-divisional trades are rare. Chicago seems to be all-in, but would they be trading for another starter? Boston seems to be a year away from going all in, and Tampa never puts all their chips in the center of the table. The more likely teams to get involved in a Gibson trade are in the National League. The Dodgers certainly might, and would the Giants or Padres also be interested, in a highly contested NL West? What about the Mets on the other coast? Still, the pool of suiters is narrower than it might be, potentially lowering the prospect cost.

So, what do you think? Should the boy wonders at least pick up the phone?


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