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Uh... so Giolito is right, sorry Donaldson

Giolito says Donaldson’s move was “classless” and calls him “a f—ing pest.” I mean...was he wrong?

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Josh Donaldson mashed his 12th home run of the season Tuesday night against the American League Central-leading White Sox. He did so off Lucas Giolito. It put the Twins up early 2-0. When Donaldson crossed home it appeared he said “hand’s not sticky anymore.”

It wasn’t like he turned to Giolito and said it. He was just crossing home and going to the dugout.


Giolito didn’t hear or see it during the game — that the Sox won 7-6 — but he said he saw it after the fact. That’s when he voiced his opinion saying Donaldson’s move was “classless” and calling him “a f—ing pest.”


As you can see he went on to say, “we won, the W’s next to my name. They are in last place.”

Ok WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, the Twins are tied for third in the Central Lucas, but other than that, yup, I’d say he’s about 100% correct on everything else.

Josh should focus more on helping his team win ball games than spending time calling others out for potential faults. We don’t need to shift our focus to condemning others because we don’t have success of our own, save that crap for the middle school girls locker room. Jeesh.

I hope Donaldson responds with “I just like to razzle people up a bit.” If he does, then I’m cool with it because that’s essentially admitting ‘yeah Giolito got me there,’ but I doubt that will happen. Josh if you are reading this DO THAT.

Otherwise, it’s just not a good look. Oh, you can hit home runs? Great. It’s not working.

Giolito 1, Donaldson 0