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Griffin Jax called up; Pineda scratched from tomorrow’s start

And yes, Shoemaker is still on this team.

Minnesota Twins v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The roster continues to churn for the Minnesota Twins. After Matt Shoemaker’s historically bad outing last night, the team needed to make room on the roster for pitchers because of a depleted bullpen. Today’s moves includes a 40-man roster move in order to call up a prospect:

Griffin Jax did not make this site’s prospect vote this year, but did win round 30 in 2020. The prospect will be the first player from the Air Force Academy to make his major-league debut when he steps onto the mound for the first time in regulation. The righty was drafted by the Twins in 2016 and was required to serve two years in active duty before he could start competing in games. He did so, earning First Lieutenant, and made his way to Class AAA Rochester in 2019. He’s been in St Paul for 2021 where he has a 3.33 ERA in five starts over 27 innings of work. He has allowed no homers this season and has been punching out batters at 9.7 K/9 clip.

To make room for the 26-year-old Jax on the active and 40-man roster, Minnesota designated Juan Minaya for assignment. He wasn’t great and probably shouldn’t’ve been on the team anyway.

So why Griffin Jax and not, say, Lewis Thorpe?

Apparently the starting pitcher depth is thin right now with Thorpe being “dinged up” according to Dan Hayes. He also reveals that Michael Pineda will not make his scheduled start against the Kansas City Royals tomorrow. Big Mike is apparently dealing with some forearm soreness and is being pushed back a few days.

Matt Shoemaker: Still on the roster, folks.

Yay, 2021!