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Freakin’ sweet Willians Astudillo Bobbleheads are here—but not for long

Only 221 are available, so buy yours today

I’ve been putting off a post about the awesome Bomba Squad bobbleheads from our friends at FOCO. It just feels so out of touch with 2021. They have fixed that issue, creating the most “2021 Twins” bobblehead they could, without featuring an outhouse.

Willians. Freaking. Astudillo. La Tortuga. The man who does it all for the Twins, including lobbing 46 mph eephus pitches across home plate. Now you get a limited edition bobblehead to celebrate that accomplishment.

FOCO bobbleheads are always bigger and heavier than you picture—they put the little promotional ones you can get at the mall to shame. The ones I have are solid, probably like 6-8 inches high, and heavy.

In other words—even at $50, they are well-worth the price for a limited run product this awesome. They go on sale right now—that is our 2 pm central posting time—so make sure you get one early. The link to purchase is below.