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Bye Bye, Badpitcher

Matt Shoemaker DFA’d

Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Twins front office finally gave one of their offseason signings a merciful end. Matt Shoemaker, or Matt Badpitcher as he is known around here, has been designated for assignment. Although healthier than he had been in years, he had not been an effective pitcher this season.

In last night’s loss, Matt took over with the Twins down by four, and promptly gave up another five runs, effectively ending any reasonable hopes for a comeback. Surprisingly, Rocco Baldelli made him wear most of it, leaving him out for 2.2 innings before turning to the remaining members of the bullpen.

Overall, Shoemaker’s Twins career ends with 60.1 innings pitched over 16 appearances, 11 of which were starts, before Bailey Ober displaced him from the rotation. Shoemaker’s 8.06 ERA is incredibly ugly, and not a one of his peripheral stats offers any redemption.

As he has been DFA’d, another team can pick him up and pay only pro-rated league minimum salary, sticking the Twins with the rest—but that seems rather absurd, doesn’t it.

For some reason, the Twins have called up Derek Law to take the roster spot previously held by Badpitcher. Perhaps Law is seen as an expendable way to soak up some innings, but I would have much rather seen a prospect get the call.