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What is your favorite Minnesota Twins logo?

Vintage M? Classic TC? Minnie & Paul shaking hands?

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

As a young child in the late 1980s and early 90s, the Minnesota Twins franchise was largely represented on my shirts, caps, and other paraphernalia by the singular “M” design. That was the symbol of Kirby Puckett roaming the outfield, Jack Morris warming up in the bullpen before Game 7, & me hitting whiffle balls in the back yard...

Note all the balls behind home plate. I was a Miguel Sano-type hitter—all or nothing!

Then, right around the time the Twins raised themselves back to competitiveness in the early 2000s, the classic “TC” logo was most prominent. It perched on the head and adorned the chest of a diving Torii Hunter, a crouched Joe Mauer, and Brad Radke lifting his leg to begin the windup.

Minnesota Twins Spring Training
The most serious expression I’ve ever seen on Mauer’s visage

For the better part of my baseball-loving youth, the “M” and “TC” designs proclaimed my support for the Twins.

When Target Field opened in 2010, however, I was treated to a throwback—the original logo used by the franchise. It’s hard to miss, what with it so prominently displayed in straight-away center field at the ballpark (especially when lit up at night).

Photo by yours truly

I learned about the history of the design and, without getting too cloying here, have truly come to appreciate the sentiment it conveys. With Minneapolis & St. Paul initially bickering over which half of the Twin Cities would house major league baseball in 1961, the handshake across the Mississippi River is the perfect make-nice show of compromise and collegiality. Minneapolis may have won out location-wise, but make no doubt about it (proclaims the logo)—these are the Minnesota Twins.

Upon the conclusion of every Twins victory, the first locale my eyes always gravitate towards is the light-up action of Minnie & Paul pumping each other’s outstretched arms. Another successful partnership in defeating a visiting squad...

By now, it should be easy to guess my favorite Twins adornment. I’m old-school all the way. But what about you—which design immediately screams “Twins Territory” when glimpsed or worn?


Favorite Twins logo?

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