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Twins select LHP Cade Povich with pick #98

2021 Major Leauge Baseball Draft Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

There seems to be a theme today, as the Twins dipped back into the same well for their third round pick that their round two selection was drawn from—that is, a college lefty from the Big Ten. In this case, the call goes to Nebraska’s Cade Povich.

Povich is a four-year junior, and was also used as a starting pitcher. Like Steven Hajjar, he also started a game in which his team beat the Gophers handily—perhaps the Twins didn’t send their scouts very far afield. Povich, like Hajjar, also finished the season with 81 innings logged, and an ERA just over three.

Here is Povich in action:

The Atlanta Braves drafted one of Povich’s teammates at #59 overall, as a trio of solid pitchers provided Nebraska with a great overall season in 2021.

There aren’t a lot of scouting reports available on the free side of paywalls, so we’ll just have to take it on faith that Povich is going to be good.