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Seven inning doubleheaders and the extra innings ghost runner could be gone by 2022.

Our long national nightmare may be over soon.

MLB: Winter Meetings Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, the day has finally come. Two rule changes that were implemented for the 2020 shortened season could be on their way out by next season. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said on Tuesday that both the extra innings rule which puts a runner on second base to start every half inning and the rule which shortened doubleheader games to 7 innings would likely not survive 2021.

From a report by the Associated Press which appeared on ESPN’s website:

Manfred said the changes were implemented based on medical advice and aren’t being contemplated as permanent. He said that while the health situation had improved with increased vaccinations, changes could not be made midseason.

While it would be nice if the rules could be gone immediately, I personally am glad we won’t have to deal with them for much longer, especially the extra innings rule, which haunted the Twins for a good chunk of this season’s first half. Maybe without it, they’ll have better fortunes with games that go beyond 9 innings.