My All Time Favorite Twins 25 Man Roster

Apologies in advance for the poor layout of this post. I was going through the rabbit hole of old Twins highlights today and wanted to put together a roster of my favorite Twins I've enjoyed in my lifetime. I would love for you to share your lineup to full roster in the comments as this is purely based on my fanboi heart instead of stats. I was born in 1987, 3 weeks after our first world series title and have no strong ties to that team but grew up watching the recap video of the 91 series win. My roster is very biased towards the 90's and 00's teams so I expect will be very different than the old timers.


Starting: Joe Mauer- Hometown Hero, number 1 draft pick, if not for injuries this guy would be an easy HOF.

Backup: Brian Harper- This was tough but this guy holds a special place in my heart for holding on to the ball in the 91 world series play at the plate. Pierzynski and Steinbach are honorable mentions.

1st Base

Starting: Justin Morneau- Remember I was born is 87 so I don't many memories of Hrbek or any of Killebrew.

Before his concussion, Morneau was one hell of a player.

Backup: Doug Mientkiewicz- This guy never had a big bat but was so fun to watch.

2nd Base

Starting: Luis Castillo- Remember this is personal opinion but we needed a second baseman so badly and this guy stepped in perfectly for the short time he was here

Backup: Chuck Knoblauch- Rookie of the year, world series title. I don't want to remember the rest.

3rd Base

Starting: Corey Koskie- One of the true savors of the team when they were trying to contract us

Backup: Ron Coomer- He has asthma, I have asthma. He was a pro. He made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind too


Starting: Christian Guzman- The commercials alone made me love him.

Backup: Greg Gagne- World Series win. ( FYI I never liked Punto...sue me)


Starting: Kirby Puckett, Torii Hunter, Matt Lawton- First two are obvious. I don't know why I loved Lawton so much as a kid. I even rocked the #50 in my playing days.

Backup: Michael Cuddyer, Shannon Stewart- Cuddy was too hot and cold to make my top three. Stewart was a great trade


Utility: Denny Hocking- the OG Nick Punto


Johan Santana, Brad Radke, Jack Morris, Carl Pavano, Eric Milton-

Couple obvious choices mixed in with some obvious person preferences


Joe Nathan, Eddie Guardado, Glen Perkins, Pat Neshek.

One of these is not like the other. One of these doesn't belong. Neshek was fun to watch.

Welp that's my 25. Little light on the pitching, but being a fan since the 90"s when haven't the twins been light on pitching. Just remember this is not based on skill!!! This is based on my fan enjoyment over the years.