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The Twins’ might not deserve an All Star, but you deserve this bobblehead

We all know that Byron Buxton is an All Star caliber talent when healthy, but “when healthy” is one hell of a caveat with Buck. As a current resident of the Injured List, he will most likely be replaced on the roster, but that is neither here, nor there, for our purposes. We are here to talk about something more fun.


Bobbleheads on Parade.

Our friends at FoCo have brought back a tradition with some long-standing history. I’ll let them tell you about it.

FOCO’s “Bobbles on Parade” series is a revival of an MLB All-Star game tradition that began nearly two decades ago. In 2003, inspired by CowParade, an international public art exhibit with roots in 1998 Switzerland, FOCO began to produce commemorative bobbleheads with team- and city-specific designs ahead of the Midsummer Classic each year. In some years, FOCO produced life-size figurines that were placed around the city hosting the MLB All-Star Game. As those cities turned into baseball epicenters with fans from across the country visiting for the All-Star Game festivities, fans would be encouraged to take part in a “scavenger hunt” and locate the giant bobbleheads for all 30 Major League teams.

The bobble-head is endearing to me, in a “horrible and gaudy” sort of way, but there are only a limited number (specifically 221) available, so if you want it, because reasons, like I somehow do, you need to act fairly quickly.

They’re $50, and can be purchased from the link below.