Kyle Gibson is having a year. Sure would be nice to have his leadership (and arm) on our team.

Zone Coverage recently posted an excellent breakdown of Kyle Gibson's current season here.

"Gibson is throwing better than he’s ever been this season. He is leading the American League with a 2.00 ERA, fourth in all of baseball, in 90 innings this year. He’s also recorded a 1.8 WAR so far this season and has held opponents to a .199 batting average and a WHIP of 1.01 — both career lows."

Now Gibby isn't likely to keep that pace up all season, and even less likely to keep this level up for the rest of his contract, but he still looks like he'd have been a much better choice than any of the wet noodles we've slotted in at #4 or 5. This season so far he would actually be our best pitcher by results (if barely). Plus, Kyle was a seasoned veteran and a proven clubhouse leader - we could've used a little more of that this season as well.