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Nerds unite! The Twins finally got a 2021 theme night right.

The force was strong with the Twins on Monday.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins

Hi there, friends!

Remember a few weeks ago when I pointed out how on Grateful Dead night they only played one Dead song and called it a theme night? Yeah, that wasn’t very on-theme. A few weeks ago on Lynx night, they had the only Minnesota team to win championships in the last few decades on the field for a few minutes pre-game, had their mascot Prowl there, a first pitch tossed by the team, and called it Lynx night.

It’s been a while since I got to go to a legit theme night where they did more than just a lackluster nod to their ‘theme’. A couple of years back, I, a mega-purple-bleeding Prince fan went with my Prince-loving family on Prince night, where we were treated to blow up purple guitars and got to air guitar along to Purple Rain between innings and the players all had walkup music by the Purple One. (Joe Mauer obvi walked up to Seven.)

Prince night at the Twins game in 2018


One of my best friends and the biggest Star Wars fan I know asked if we wanted to join him and his wife at Monday night’s Star Wars night. Despite knowing we’d have just gone to a game just a mere four days prior, we rounded up our team of rebels (aka our other Star Wars-y buddy and his girlfriend) and got tickets for the game. Who cares if we were just there? Of course we were all in, the force is strong with my family, after all:

My family hugging our favorite Wookie at Disney. I know he wasn’t actually Chewbacca, but I might have been more excited than the kids.

My tiny Jedi Younglings, Halloween 2015

I gotta say, the Twins got it right. Star Wars music, characters, and Boomsaber bobbleheads (RIP Boomstick Era) infiltrated Target Field last night. Damn if I don’t adore seeing Chewbacca running around or nearly pee a little when I see Storm Troopers patrolling the concourse. Take, for example, this photo of my friends, let’s call them Han and Leia for our purposes, happening upon this pretty legit Storm Trooper. Kudos, Trooper, for sitting in this sweatbox all night when it was 700 degrees and we were all melting in our regular clothes.

I’m also impressed with the geniuses who came up with all of the Twins nicknames last night. Here are just a few of my faves:

C-3POlanco. Fluent in more than 6 million forms of communication and can hit from both sides of the plate.
Mitch Skygarver. The force is strong with him.
Trevor Larnackbar. IT’S A TRAP!
Miguel Solo. Specializing in hitting bombs and making the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.
Chewbaccave. They didn’t have to edit that beard much to make him look like a Wookie.
Josh Djarin, aka the Mandalorian, Bringer of Rain and the baby Yoda (Grogu).

And, as always we got our report on our player of the week from the Twins minor league affiliates:

I wonder if Grogu’s ability to heal injuries via touch can work on Buxton?

Throughout the game, we were treated to droid sounds with strikeouts and Vader’s heavy breathing (ok, this was a little creepy when blasted over the sound system). But the greatest sounds were in the form of the Star Wars theme blaring when we got bombas from Rooker and Donaldson (who btw got his 700th career RBI with his brought-en rain last night). Behind all the crowd noise, you can hear the Star Wars theme after the bomba siren:

The only lowlight of the game? Taylor Rogers sprained the middle finger on his pitching hand just a few pitches into the 9th, thus bringing in Alexander “Guaranteed to blow your lead” Colome. And blow the lead he did. BUT! Without said blown lead, we would have never gotten to see Kenta Maeda (you know, one of our best starting pitchers) score the winning run in the 10th. Whaaaat? Thank you, Manfredball for this exciting walk off. I guess we can spin the Rogers injury into a positive by likely ruining his chances of being traded before the deadline... so yay?

The force was especially strong with the Twins on Monday night and Star Wars night was pretty much one of the highlights of this otherwise disappointing season. Thanks, Twins marketing team! Our crew of rebels had an awesome evening.

You can’t tell by these serious faces, but we had a great time.

What say you, fans? Were any of you there? What were your highlights?