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Rogers lands on I.L. with middle finger sprain

2021 continues to deal blows to the Twins roster.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
“So do you want to be traded?” “No, not really.” “Okay, your middle finger hurts.” “Why my middle finger?” “idk, Twitter will blow up with middle finger jokes.”
Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

As part of the super cool win last night that the Minnesota Twins put together, reliver Taylor Rogers was removed from the game due to a finger issue. It lead to the Alex Colome Experience, and - just read the recap here. The team disclosed that the southpaw had a left middle finger sprain and, well, here we go:

Sure enough, another Twins player bites the dust and lands on the 10-day I.L. Interestingly enough, Rogers was speculated as a trade piece during this season’s trade deadline. Now? Maybe not so much? Who knows? If you do, send me an e-mail and maybe we can end up trading vintage license plates. Anyway, Rogers has not landed on the Injured List during his entire major-league career until now. This season, he’s procured a 3.35 ERA/2.11 FIP in 40.1 innings of work. The lefty has also posted a 13.2 K/9 and has a good K/BB ratio of 7.38 while converting nine of 13 save opportunities. On top of that, he earned All-Star honors this year after 392 other players decided not to play.

The merry-go-round keeps turning as the team has re-called righty Beau Burrows, a.k.a. “B.B.”, from AAA St Paul. He was claimed off of waivers a little more than a month ago from the Detroit Tigers and so it’s only fitting that he’ll come into the game tonight and probably pitch poorly for the Twins, because it’s 2021. Burrows is reaching 25 years of age and hails from Texas, where Bob Wills is still the king. He apparently pitched 1.1 innings for the Twins this season in one game, allowing only two hits and earning one strikeout. His career stats include a 7.01 FIP in 9.2 innings of work, seven strikeouts, and three walks while allowing three homers.

Hopefully Rogers can return soon - but will it be with the Twins? Tune in next week to find out!