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Eddie Rosario was traded this morning, too!

Boy, has his value fallen hard

Houston Astros v Cleveland Indians Photo by George Kubas/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The two most controversially-named teams in baseball have completed a trade, and sent former Minnesota Twin outfielder Eddie Rosario from Cleveland to Atlanta.

The Twins let Eddie Rosario walk this winter rather than pay him a likely $12 million in arbitration. He signed with Cleveland on a one-year deal for $8 million instead. Cleveland, having a bad year as well, apparently just wanted Rosario off their payroll.

They traded him to Atlanta for Pablo Sandoval. Yeah that guy. He’s apparently still playing. Although “playing” might be a relative term, as he is expected to have very little actual use to the Cleveland baseball organization.

Sandoval is slated to earn to $1 million this year, so even though Cleveland is sending money to Atlanta in the deal, this is clearly just a move to help pad the Dolan family bottom line. I guess they have to pay for those fancy new logos somehow.