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White Sox 4, Twins 1: Wasted

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Does the headline describe the season, what the offense did to Berrios’ performance tonight, or perhaps just the state of inebriation the Twins drive you to?

All of the above?

In a dismal season where it seems like the pitching continues to let us down, Jose Berrios pitched an absolute gem. Hopefully it helps his trade value, because that’s the only way it could help this team, as the Twins fail to muster a fight against the hated White Sox.

Berrios pitched seven complete innings, and only gave up two runs (one earned) on a single hit, compared to ten strikeouts. He walked three Sox, and the issues were compounded by three errors behind him, but scoring only a single run won’t win you very many modern ballgames.

The two runs that Berrios left the game with both came in the second inning. Berrios opened the inning in trouble, walking Brian Goodwin and Leury Garcia, with the former advancing to third on a bonehead error by Ryan Jeffers. Both were singled in by Zack Collins after two outs. Sadly, the Twins didn’t even bother to overcome it.

They had a great opportunity. In the third, they put two men in scoring position, and then left them there. Pretty much the story of the night. Max Kepler hit a pretty double though.

The Twins’ only run came in the sixth, and via three of the few hot bats they have had lately—singles by each of Luis Arraez, Nelson Cruz, and Alex Kirilloff.

The final two Sox runs were scored against the badpen, because why bother doing otherwise. Both came in the eighth, and both via our bullpen ACE (Alex Colome Experience.) Only one was earned, thanks to yet another of those three errors previously mentioned. On the bright side, Rocco did that fun thing where he replaces Colome with Coulombe to see if we notice the extra letters. Danny Extraletters punched three straight tickets in the ninth, to waste another inning of great pitching.

Whatever happened to Kepler’s cursed jewelry

Men who swung bats.
Extra dudliness to Jeffers for the error.

Roll Call


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3 Brandon Brooks I'll never forget Carmen Cali's first beer shower
3 Imakesandwichesforaliving I'll take a drag
3 Imakesandwichesforaliving Oh wow, I am a dummy.
3 James Fillmore It was a Michelob Golden shower
2 Brandon Brooks Sorry, they were running faster than usual
2 Blake Donlon That’s why you guys have me here
2 trigonzobob So the White Sox have a lot of injured players
2 montanatwinsfan L.O.L.!
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2 Blake Donlon Berrios looking VERY sharp
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2 Hayden A figured i should probably jump into this game thread since i wrote it
1 Blake Donlon You don’t.
1 trigonzobob I think when capitalized, it means
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1 Brandon Brooks Then how do you explain
1 montanatwinsfan I was emphasizing for dramatic effect.
1 Blake Donlon Huh
1 montanatwinsfan You deserve a raise.
1 montanatwinsfan I thought I was paying good money for you guys to run the numbers?
1 montanatwinsfan It's short for William.
1 Blake Donlon Or I guess it wasn’t a chain, but whatever the bad juju item was
1 montanatwinsfan Someone run the numbers.
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1 Imakesandwichesforaliving Yeah lol
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