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Lyrical Baseball Tournament, Tournament Review: Those were the days

Putting it all in the mirror.

Willie Mays Catching Baseball
All is complete.

There’s not really much to discuss when looking back on the Lyrical Baseball Tournament.

Both teams which won their divisions over the course of the 60-game season made it to the Harmonic Series, and as expected, the winning Cashmen team ran over the winning Fungoes team.

In addition to Out of the Park Baseball, I play Strat-o-Matic. Among my Strat sets, I own the Hall of Fame edition, which I have divided into 10 teams, and the entire 2006 season. Playing the Harmonic Series, between the All-Star-loaded Filial Cashmen and the built-like-a-Major-League-team Filial Fungoes, felt like playing a Strat game between one of the Hall of Fame teams and a standard 2006 team: the HOF team (or Cashmen) have a lot higher a chance in any given at-bat to crush the ball.

The only question remaining from the tournament is whether, as mentioned earlier, Harry Brecheen or Ted Williams would be named MVP.

Naturally, OOTP awarded Brecheen the Mungo League MVP and Williams the Cashman League MVP. Splitting the baby, I see.

As expected, a Cashmen team won. As was not expected, the winners were the Filial Cashmen, not the Ted Williams- and Yogi Berra-led Paternal Cashmen.

I guess what we’ve learned from all this:

  • Baseball music is wonderful.
  • I can outdraft my dad.

Original Broadway cast of Ragtime, play us out.

Harmonic Series, Final Game | Tournament Review