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An amazing game in Iowa, what could this mean for the Twins?

Build it and they will come. That was the case indeed.

I have been to a lot of baseball games, but the Field of Dreams game in Iowa may have been the best I have seen yet. A dynamite walk-off finish sent the White Sox back to Chi-town with a W after giving up four runs in the ninth to the Yanks. Eight home runs flew into the corn. Eight. It was everything baseball could have dreamed of.

And, there we go Twins fans, former Twins started the game, blew the save and got the win. If you told me three years ago Lance Lynn would be starting a game with the lowest ERA in all of baseball, with the first-place Chicago White Sox, I think I would have laughed, but, good for him.

Perhaps better than the actual game, if this is possible, was how Iowa made this game happen with such excellence. The original movie site in Dyersville is still in pristine condition, now thirty years later. People from all over the country visit it. It is where the movie was actually shot.

Thursday’s setup really showcased the film in more ways than I could imagine. Ghost players from the original movie were there. Most still living in Dyersville. In order to get to the MLB game, you had to walk through a cornfield, actually entering a path through a few rows of corn. Also, the movie soundtrack was playing while fans made their way to the stadium. The crowd likely spent hundreds on their single tickets, and that excitement showed. For just under 8,000 people, the fans were electric.

I posted several behind-the-scenes LIVE videos on my Facebook to show just how well things were set up.

It was a walk-off finish. A back and forth game. One packed with action. But the best part was this. No question. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Kevin Costner was the ultimate guest. He was the most famous person there. A legend.

The newly constructed MLB stadium where the game was played Thursday is coming down Friday. Though the baseball field and lights will remain there. Rob Manfred says the Field of Dreams game will be back again next season.

What could this mean for the Twins?

Well, it appears next year’s game will be Cubs/Cards. It’s not confirmed, but it’s highly speculated. That game will draw full capacity once again I am sure. After a huge game like this year, I don’t think the nostalgia is gone. However, you will lose the sentimental moments with Kevin Costner.

When I heard this rumor about the teams, I was a little bummed because I thought Twins/Cards would be a fantastic matchup in Dyersville in 2022 to commemorate 35 years since the two met in the World Series. It still could be I suppose.

Manfred announcing another year of this Field of Dreams game makes many believe it will be an annual thing. If so, the Twins would be an obvious contender at some point. The Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Braves will draw fans from anywhere. The other teams who would fill the stadium because it’s nearby are the Twins, White Sox, Cubs, Cardinals and Brewers.

I’d be willing to bet the Twins will get their shot in Dyersville soon. If not, at least many of their former players will...