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Yankees 7, Twins 5: Gant maintain momentum. Gan not complete comeback

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

While the Twins are far from being contenders, they have recently been playing pretty good ball and been eminently more watchable, partly because we get to see a preview of upcoming youngsters like, uh, let me check my notes, Jake Cave and Rob Refsnyder.


Anyway John Gant, 2nd Earl of Ganterburry, started for the Twins against the evil empire. It would not go well. After pitching two scoreless innings, Gant gave up a lead off triple to Andrew Velazquez and immediately lost his cool. Double/Walk/Double/Sac Fly and the Yankees suddenly had 4 and all Twins fans sank into sad-sac polite defeatist mode. Please Mr. Yankees, sir. If you could kindly stop kicking us in the proverbial faceballs every time we feel like we’re not cripplingly depressing that would be much appreciated.

To Emanuel Gant’s credit, he struck out Aaron Judge and Joey Gallo back to back to stop the bleeding. How are the Yankees even fair????? Nerf pls, devs!

Anyway, now it was Andrew Albers turn to pitch, because he is a Twin again, as his entire life seems to be rapidly oscillating between the states Twin and Not Twin until hopefully with a better understanding of super-positions we can use him to revolutionize computing.

Whoops, Kyle Higashioka hit a 1 run dingerydoo, but before we put Andrew back in his box, let’s give him a little more time to prove himself.

Hope returned in the 6th, when strapping young lad Jake Cave put the Twins on the board with a solo homer. Andrelton Simmons and Max Kepler kept (Germany Keplert) the momentum going with a single and double and then MVP Jorge Polanco drove them both in with another double. Polancoville is eternal. Polanco drove Simmons in again in the 8th to bring the Twins within 2, but Giancarlo Stanton homered off Albers soon after to make the deficit 3 again.

Miguel Sano would homer in the 9th, but it wouldn’t be nearly enough.

At least it was a competitive game?


DUDS: JOHN GANT WAS (unable to get enough people) OUT


Congrats to James for getting CotD for cute bird posting. Everyone google “Tawny Frogmouth chicks.”