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BreakingT News: Hip Hip, Jorge!

In Honor of the Walk-off King

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There hasn’t been much to celebrate for Twins fans this year. However, Jorge Polanco has been on a tear since the All-Star Break and is having possibly an even better season than his big (juiced-ball) 2019. Seriously, check out the stats:


113 G, 21 HR, 125 OPS+ (25% better than league average in 2021), 3.9 bWAR


153 G, 22 HR, 122 OPS+ (22% better than league average in 2021), 4.7 bWAR

As you can see, Jorge has a great chance at passing his home run and WAR numbers from 2019, and while his simple OPS is lower than in 2019, if you adjust for league average like with OPS+, he’s having a slightly better season at the plate. Furthermore, we can all see that Polanco is acquitting himself much better at second base than he ever did at shortstop.

This breakout includes his claiming of the crown as the Walk-off King- he’s tied Kent Hrbek for the club record of five walk-offs in a single season. Of course, this has reached a fever pitch in the last week, as he has walk-offs in three straight Twins wins.

Our good friends at BreakingT think this is worth celebrating, and are raising the cheers to our king: “Hip, hip, Jorge!” This shirt, like all of the Twins shirts by Breaking T, is a licensed MLB product, produced and screened in the U.S., and made of premium material. I think that a cool part of this sleek design is that it features four different Twins jersey concepts: the road “Minnesota” navy’s, the baby blue’s, the alternate red’s, and the classic pinstripes.

Celebrate our Walk-off King with this new shirt! Click here to check out it out, and take a look at Breaking T’s other great designs.