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Open thread: Twins @ Yankees postponed

There’s no Twins game today. Come chat with us anyway!

MLB: Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There is no Twins game today. There was supposed to be, but then Hurricane Henri started heading towards the eastern US, forcing the game to be postponed until September 13th. I was supposed to write a game thread and a recap this afternoon, and obviously that won’t be happening, but I decided to put up a thread anyway for the heck of it. You can use this however you want, but I’m going to start it with a prompt. How are you spending your afternoon now that there’s no Twins game? Personally, I’m gonna be going out on a boat for a couple hours. I honestly might not have even watched the game had there been one, because this series has been bad and I couldn’t bear to watch another second of it. Here’s a depressing thought: it took an actual hurricane to prevent the Twins from losing to the Yankees at Yankee Stadium again. Enjoy your Sunday!


There are none. Sorry.