Anti-Grand Slam

Hey, I haven’t been following this site as closely as I usually do. Sadly, I have had to do real work lately. Haha. So, I apologize if this is a question or post that has been written about already. But I will put it out there anyways.

I was recently looking at the runs scored column in the standings and the Twins offense hasn’t been that bad compared to the rest of the league this year. Obviously it was not as good as we all would have expected and looking at the runs against really shows how awful the pitching has been this year. However, I feel like the twins offense could have been even better this year. Not sure if this is searchable on that baseball stats webpage or not, but here’s my question. Does any know how many times the twins have left the bases full this year? And how it compares to the rest of the league? Also, are there any stats on how many times the twins have had the bases loaded with no outs and got only 1 run or less. I watch a lot of games and it seems to happen way more often than it should this year. Not sure if that’s a searchable stat, but it would seem like a stat that would sum up the year that we have had.