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Twins 6, Brewers 4: A studly evening

Studs are everywhere. Studs are...everything.

Milwaukee Brewers v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Twins are looking pretty studly this weekend.

Six runs on seven hits, with two errors? And the win? Studly. Four runs on seven hits? With one error? Not so studly. Some might say...dudly. The duds this evening were the Brewers. The studs were the Twins. With me so far?

Minnesota takes game two of the series and clinches a series victory against the first-place Brewers, which should give disappointed Twins fans something to smile about here in late August. There’s a weird consolation with a lost season, where as the summer barrels toward the postseason, one has to reconcile the disappointment of baseball ending with the minor silver lining that the embarrassment will be over soon.

Tonight, it was a tale of two four-run innings. The Twins threw up four in the fourth — Sano double, Simmons RBI HBP, Arraez walk — and Milwaukee tied it in their half of the fifth (Manny Pina single, Jace Peterson single, Christian Yelich sac fly.)

The twist? That would be it for the Brewers. While Minnesota tacked on a duo of runs in the middle innings, Milwaukee was held scoreless outside of their fifth-inning outburst. Charlie Barnes didn’t re-appear after the fourth inning, but a combination of Caleb Thielbar, Juan Minaya, and Alex Colome held down the fort and escorted the club to a Saturday evening W.

Thielbar, by the way, moves to 6-0 on the year. Pitcher wins aren’t indicative of individual performance, but I still find the tallies interesting in a vacuum. It reminds me of when I would see pitchers with lines like “13-12, 5.05 ERA” and think, damn, pretty good!


2B Jorge Polanco (2-for-4, 2 R)

3B Josh Donaldson (2-for-4, R, RBI)

1B Miguel Sano (2-for-4, 2 RBI)

RP Caleb Thielbar (2 IP, H, 3 K)


Are you kidding me? Have you even visited this web portal before?



I was rather delighted by this offering from “Check Swing” this evening. Friendly rivals are wonderful!