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Twins 7, Blue Jays 2: Quality recap warning

Twins win though, so that’s cool, I guess.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I have a killer headache. It is late September in a horrible losing season, TJ just left to the big farm in the country where all the old blog editors live, and the cult I joined is promising me the world is ending tomorrow, so here’s a really quick recap so I can go to bed. I’m sorry, we all have bad days.

Nick Gordon hit good, Twins win! I tried to draw an MS Paint touchpad art of Nick Gordon hitting a dinger, but it turned into Nick Gordon flying on a rocket hoverboard and chasing a baseball while holding a rolling pin.

Is this good enough?


Okay here’s a run recap at least.

Jays 1, Twins 0 - Lourdes Gurriel double.
Jays 1, Twins 1 - Jorge Polanco single
Jays 1, Twins 2 - Mitch Garver single
Jays 2, Twins 2 - Teoscar Hernandez homerun
Jays 2, Twins 3 - Luis Arraez RBI groundout
Jays 2, Twins 6 - Nick Gordon TRIPLE DONG HELL YEAH
Jays 2, Twins 7 - Nick Gordon single

Good night.

STUDS: Nick Gordon

DUDS: Tawny

Extremely sad roll call!1!

Comment of the day goes to Jeff.