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Viral Facebook Campaign Encourages Twins Fans to Feed Carlos Correa

Fans on social media advocate a novel approach to retaining free agents.

Daily Camera Archives Photo by Jon Hatch/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images

A Minnesota Twins fan facebook group has recently drawn some attention for circulating an unconventional plea towards looming possible-free-agent Carlos Correa.

The “Weekly Twins” group admins started reaching out to their 38-person strong membership roll a few days ago, to start the ball rolling on their “Carlos Can’t Cook” campaign. The campaign is attempting to get 365 people to agree to cook a meal for Carlos Correa (one per day,) and deliver it to his home, if he agrees to re-sign with the Twins.

Sue Johnson, a 48-year old from southwest Minnesota, who also loves posting pictures of her “grandbabies” and sharing minion memes in her spare time, posted in the group “I already make a hotdish for every church potluck, funeral, and meat raffle in town. Why not make one more? Its worth it ya know.”

Charlotte Pederson, 14, also commented that she was “totally going to bake a pie.”

A profile going by “JP Coolguy” contributed “Well heck, it worked for Sergio Romo! Lets do it” to the discussion.

Folks, lets help out! Share your favorite recipes in the comments!