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Pre-Season Community Poll Review

We, as a whole, should not be employed as fortune tellers.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Just before the start of the season, I decided to run a poll for the general Twinkie Town public predicting how various things would go in the upcoming season. Fresh off a Correa high we had never before experienced, perhaps we shouldn’t be blamed for having higher hopes than we should have. Let’s see how the collective brain trust of our esteemed readership did.

1: How many wins do you think the 2022 Twins get?

Actual Result: 78
Community Prediction: 80-89 (59% of the vote)
My Prediction: 80

The community and my stunningly intelligent baseball mind agreed at around 80 wins, and while only 8% of you predicted 70-79 we were only 2 wins away from technically being right!

Community Brain Grade: C-

2: Do the Twins make the playoffs?

Actual Result: No
Community Prediction: Yes, via Wildcard (58% of the vote)
My Prediction: Yes, via Wildcard

Again, being the community leader that I am, the masses were in line with me. We were all wrong though. OOOPS.

Community Brain Grade: F

3: If yes, do the Twins win a playoff game?

Actual Result: lol
Community Prediction: Yes (70% of the vote)
My Prediction: Yes


Community Brain Grade: LMAO

4: Does Byron Buxton play 100+ games?

Actual Result: No (92 Games)
Community Prediction: Yes (75% of the vote)
My Prediction: Yes

We were young. Nobody could tell us we were wrong. And yet, we were wrong.

Community Brain Grade: D

5: Is relying so deeply on Baily Ober and Joe Ryan going to work out?

Actual Result: Basically a wash. Ryan and Ober were worth 2.1 and 1.4 fWAR respectively.
Community Prediction: Yes (53% of the vote)
My Prediction: Probably not!

The community was about half and half on this, and that’s basically what happened, so. I’m just gonna say we got this one. We need a win.

Community Brain Grade: C+

6: Sonny Gray, Good or Bad?

Actual Result: 2.4 fWAR, our best SP.
Community Prediction: Good (86% of the vote)
Tawny Prediction: Suddenly Bad

7: Chris Archer, Good or Bad?

Actual Result: 0.5 fWAR, but he did start 25 games!
Community Prediction: Bad (52% of the vote)
My Prediction: Suddenly good.

I went with maximum chaos and was maximum wrong, though I do thing Archer’s season went better than we probably should have expected, and you guys were about half and half there too, so I won’t feel bad.

Community Brain Grade: B

8: Carlos Correa, Good or Bad?

Actual Result: 4.4 fWAR (Best on the team!)
Community Prediction: Yes (96% of the vote)
My Prediction: Yes

We got one right without having to bend the truth a little!

Community Brain Grade: A++++++++ SMARTEST FANS ON EARTH