Rich's Pitches Off-season Plan

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Decline team options for Miguel Sano, Dylan Bundy and Chris Archer. Sano has no place and quite frankly I think everyone is just done with him. No way the club picks up his 10 million dollar option and he can try and get his career back on track elsewhere. Bundy and Archer are not worth the 11 and 10 million dollar options based on how they performed. Even counting dead money from buyouts this saves the team 31 million dollars what in my opinion are better spent elsewhere.

Offer contracts to everyone on your list EXCEPT refuse to offer Emelio Pagan a contract and let him walk. In my scenario Alcala breaks camp with the big club mand we all have less heart attacks.

Pick up the 12 million dollar contract of Sonny Gray. He is well worth it never mind the intangibles he brings mentoring the youngsters.

None of the scheduled starting pitcher UFAs are going to be worth the money even if they wanted to come here. The only way the Twins should be spending money on starters is if they are resigning a promising prospect of perhaps buying out some of young Joe Ryan’s arbitration years in a few years. After perusing the list of prime UFAs all I saw was players long in the tooth or coming off injuries. I will pass and opt to spend money judiciously elsewhere.

Continue building on a promising bullpen by luring away Edwin Diaz from the Mets and sign him to a 3 year, 48 million dollar extension. This is a calculated risk (and seemingly so NOT Twins but after the Correa signing last offseason I am going to dream big). This club is constructed for the starters to only go 5 1/3 innings and it would sure be nice to be able to mow opposing batters down when we have the lead.

Sign UFA Omar Narvaez to split catching duties with Jeffers. Spotrack indicates market value is 3 years on an average of 3.1 million per year. Plus he bats left and would compliment Jeffers quite well in that respect.

Fix shortstop short term by signing Jose Iglesias who played last season with the Rockies. Spotrack indicates a two year 10.1 million contract, so split that in half and you get 5.05 next season.

My numbers come up as follows:

Players Salary in Millions
C Ryan Jeffers $0.72
C Omar Narvaez $3.10
1B Jose Miranda $0.72
2B Jorge Polanco $7.50
SS Jose Iglesias $5.05
3B Gio Urshela $9.20
LF Trevor Larnach $0.72
CF Byron Buxton $15.00
RF Max Kepler $8.50
UTI Luis Arraez $5.00
UTI Nick Gordon $0.72
UTI Alex Kirilloff $0.72
OF Gilberto Celestino $0.72

Starting Pitchers Salary in Millions
SP1 Sonny Gray $12.00
SP2 Joe Ryan $0.72
SP3 Tyler Mahle $7.20
SP4 Kenta Maeda $3.13
SP5 Bailey Ober $0.72
Closer Edwin Diaz $16.00
8th inning Jorge Lopez $3.70
7th inning Jhoan Duran $0.72
Mid inning Caleb Thielbar $2.40
Mid inning Griffin Jax $0.72
Mid inning Jovani Moran $0.72
Mid inning Josh Winder $0.72
Mid inning Jorge Alcala $0.80

Dead Money in millions
Miguel Sano $2.75
Dylan Bundy $1.00
Chris Archer $0.75

Rest of 40 man Player Salary in Millions
OF Kyle Garlick $1.10
RHP Cody Stashek $0.80
RHP Jordon Balazovic $0.72
RHP Ronny Henriquez $0.72
RHP Trevor McGill $0.72
RHP Cole Sands $0.72
RHP Louie Varland $0.72
RHP SWR $0.72
RHP Blayne Enlow $0.72
SS Royce Lewis $0.72
OF Matt Waliner $0.72
OF Mark Contreras $0.72
? One spot to work with $0.72
TOTAL $9.82

TOTAL MONEY in millions: $121.54