Mauer718 off-season plan

Free Agent Right-Hander Chris Bassitt - Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

This is the plan to compete for the wildcard/division while hoping next year we can attempt to contend for a title.

Our limit it $125M

To start off We pick up Sonny Grays option, then Miguel Sano, Bundy, Archer. We pick up everyone’s Arbitration. EXCEPT the terrible, haunting, evil, Emilio Pagan.

That’s all the current team dealings let’s sign some players. First we need a catcher I say we sign Omar Narváez to a 1 year $3.2M. We need a catcher to play vs R and not too long ago he was a pretty good hitting catcher he isn’t anymore but he is great defensively.

Next we need a SS, Elvis Andrus is my choice, we could attempt to resign Correa but I feel we can find a sutible SS in free agency for a lot less and keeping the options in the farm open. Andrus had a pretty good year and we could sign him as a stopgap shortstop for the year. 1 year $5M sounds good.

Now this may be unpopular with some twins fans but I’m trading max kepler for Alex Verdugo and Connor Seabold. Here we get a player entering his prime who has been a above avarage hitter his entire career and a pitcher who should break into the majors this year if we need him. At this point Max Kepler is only on the team because of his defense but he gets injured to often to use it.

Now the final offensive signing is Robbie Grossman. You may think why you just traded for a outfielder. Well I noticed Robbie Grossman had a 157 WRC+ vs L and verdugo is better vs R so why not sign him, to a 1 year $3.2M deal.

Now for the pitching rotation, the first move is re-signing Micheal fulmer to a 2 year $12M deal. He can be a reliable 6/7 inning guy for us to pair with Lopez and Duran. For me it will add to our bullpen which we need currently.

Now the biggest move of the off-season signing Chris Bassit to a 4 year $62M dollar deal. You may ask why should the twins do this. To start, in the playoffs we need a pitcher who can reliably go 6 every game which we don’t have currently. This also allows us starting pitching depth if Tyler Mahle is hurt to start the year or if people get injured in season.

Lineup (#, currently set for 13, but flexible for your plan):

C: Omar Narvaez

1B: Jose Miranda

2B: Jorge Polanco

3B: Gio Urshela

SS: Elvis Andrus

LF: Alex Verdugo

CF: Byron Buxton

RF: Robbie Grossman

DH: Luis Arráez

BN: Trevor Larnach

BN: Alex Kierloff

BN: Nick Gordon

BN: Gilberto Celestino

Pitching Staff (#, limited to 13 or fewer)

SP1: Chris Bassit

SP2: Sonny Gray

SP3: Joe Ryan

SP4: Tyler Mahle

SP5: Kenta Maeda

RP: Jhoan Duran

RP: Jorge Lopez

RP: Micheal Fulmer

RP: Jorge Alcala

RP: Griffin Jax

RP: Caleb Thielbar

RP: Jovani Moran

RP/SP 6: Bailey Ober

This is what I would do as a GM it is probably super wrong but I have too much time on my hands so who cares. So now why this will work, well I feel this lineup can platoon well in the outfield for certain situations and it has I would say 6 above avarage batts. But the main thing is the starting rotation looks really good. Not only because of the people there already but the depth we have in Ober, Winder, Varland, SWR, and maybe even Balzonovic. I feel the bullpen is better than last year just because of the subtraction of Pagan. This is it.