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MLB Playoffs Open Thread

Might as well use it until we lose it.

MLB: ALDS-New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins
Yeah, it's the Yanquis. I liked the photo. Because if you type "Twins Playoff Celebration" into the photo pick thingy, this is what comes up.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Some people on John Foley's typically excellent post (it's about Luis Arraez, look it up, I'm not your Internet Dad) mentioned that there was no open thread about the playoffs.

So here one is. Discuss as wished!

Me, I'm annoyed it's impossible to listen on radio. It might be possible next year, with MLB maybe buying the Sinclair TV networks (complicated story, this) and how audio rights go for different teams and what-not.

Until then, and until the Twins are in the playoffs (my Magic 8 Ball says "Signs Point To NO"), here’s a playoffs thread.

With the Twins missing out once again, who are you rooting for in the playoffs this year?