twinssdfan's Off-Season Plan

Free Agent Left-Hander Carlos Rodon - Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Ok i will Try it.

1st the cuts Pagan and Staskek from Arb level.
Release Sands, Conterios.
Trade: Gullorme from the Mets 5.2 for Enlow 2.2, Kirilloff.0.2, Cavaco, 2.4, Rule 5 - Cruz 0.4, and Ronny Herdriqez 2.2 = 7.5 plus a PTBN later to the Twins.
Off season additions
Rodon unless he receives the QO and declines it then it a NO i don't give away draft picks. I do repeat this i don't surrender picks.
Catcher Omar Narvone
Bullpen help Raf Montero and T Williams I'm wishing for one.
RP Chad Green maybe a minor L Deal with a contract to the big's.

C Jeffers/Omar
1st base Miranda
2. Polanco
SS..Lewis/ Gullorme
RF Larnich
C Buxton
LF Kepler
DH Arriez

SP Rodon unless declines QF Then NO. I do not give up draft picks.
SP Ryan
SP Gray
SP Maeda
SP Mahle
SP Oder - Bullpen use unless what happens with Rodon??
CL Lopez
BP Duran
BP Griffen
BP Alcala
BP one of the two T Williams or Raf Montero would help.
BP Thiebar
BPVarland unless the twins sign both to Then Farm
BP T Megill -Depends on Rodon then Farm or Dropped or if they can sign bullpen Free Agents.

BN Profer Jackson
BN Gordon
BN Wallner or Garlik one of the two starts at the farm. Wallner to the farm.

27 depends on if this club can sign the free agents Could be Varland to the farm.
28. Chad Green prefer minor leg contract with incentives.
29 Simon woods R
30. Leon S c F/A or sign him to Minor L Deal.
32Lewis depends on trade
33Rule 5 Julien
36Moran not R 5
37Urbrina is Rule 5
38 Balazovic
39. Paddock
40 Rule 5 pick BPA up or Garlik starts Wallner at the farm
Some of the 27-40 could open doors to if Current or other players if they can sign MLD's before the season. Green is injured but he killed the Twins in the playoffs a few years ago let's snag him.

Not sure on the total salary, of course there will be players on the DL when camp starts.
Some pick-ups will be available at this time.
I think the cap is close.
Of course, the Twins may trade too.
But some Extensions are in order for Quality of play.
Never did this before but i thought I'd try it.
The trade for the SS time for change for some players. Good for both clubs.

Well i did some math crunching i know i went over the 140 million.
So, some cuts or trades or none signing of some free agents would be cut.