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MLB 2022-2023 Offseason Calendar: Free Agency, Awards, Rule 5 Draft, and More

All the important dates to know for the Twins’ highly anticipated offseason.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

MLB has officially crowned its 2022 World Series Champion, with the Houston Astros defeating the Philadelphia Phillies in six games to take home the Commissioner’s Trophy. Now that the former trash can beaters have won it all and a global financial crisis has been averted, it is officially the offseason for all of MLB.

The Twins will roll into the winter with high expectations. The 2022 squad disappointed, but Minnesota will have the opportunity to contend for the Division title once again with better health luck and plenty of money to spend. The focus will be on the shortstop position, and specifically Carlos Correa, but the Twins also need to pick up a catcher, a back-end bullpen arm, and a corner outfielder, at minimum.

Here is a rundown on when you can expect some of the big moves to happen this offseason.

Important MLB Offseason Dates

2019 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

November 6: Players File for Free Agency

  • Today isn’t the technical start of free agency yet, but players will officially file their free agency status with the league. During this period, players are only allowed to negotiate with their current teams. For the Twins, Carlos Correa, Michael Fulmer, Gary Sanchez, Sandy León, Aaron Sanchez, and Billy Hamilton all fall into this category. While it’s possible the Twins could reach an agreement with Correa or Fulmer in this time, it’s more likely that they want to gauge their value with other teams as well.

November 7 - 10: GM Meetings in Las Vegas

  • The Great Falvine will take their talents to Vegas with the other 29 teams to begin trade discussions, among other things. There isn’t typically much that happens here, but it sets the table for the Winter Meetings and future trade talks. Some free agents will also spend time in Vegas so contract negotiations can begin as soon as (and often before) they are allowed.

November 10: Free Agency Begins, Qualifying Offer Deadline

  • Four days from today, players will be eligible to sign with new teams. There will be a handful of deals announced right at the open of FA, but with MLB not being salary capped like other leagues, most of the big names will wait it out to try to guarantee the best deal.
  • This also marks the Qualifying Offer deadline. Players eligible for free agency can receive a 1-year QO valued at $19.65 million for this season. If a player receives a QO and leaves for another team, the new team forfeits a draft pick while the old team receives a compensatory pick. Players who previously received a QO are ineligible to get it again, meaning the Twins cannot offer one to Carlos Correa. If the Twins are unable to resign Correa, each of Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts, and Dansby Swanson are likely to receive the QO, meaning their backup free agent SS options will also cost them a pick.

November 14-17: Awards Week

  • MLB will announce the 2022 award winners throughout this week. They will start with the Rookie of the Year winners, then the Managers of the Year, then the Cy Young winners, and finally the league MVPs. Unfortunately, the Twins don’t have anyone who will win these awards this year.

November 15: 40-Man Roster Deadline

  • By November 15, players will need to be added to the 40-man roster if to be protected from the Rule 5 draft. Of the Twins’ Rule 5 eligible players, only Edouard Julien and Matt Canterino are likely to be added. The only other player likely to be stolen is Misael Urbina, but he hasn’t played above A ball, so there’s a good chance Minnesota could sneak him through. Then again, the Twins made a similar bet with Akil Baddoo two years ago and lost him to the Detroit Tigers.

November 18: Non-Tender Deadline

  • Teams will have to decide whether to tender contracts to arbitration-eligible players by this date. The Twins have Gio Urshela, Emilio Pagán, Tyler Mahle, Caleb Thielbar, Jorge Lopez, Chris Paddack, Luis Arraez, Cody Stashak, Jorge Alcala, and Kyle Garlick each up for arbitration this season. Stashak, Garlick, Pagán, and potentially Urshela are candidates to be non-tendered, though Pagán and Urshela could be used as trade chips if retained.

November 20th: QO Acceptance Deadline

  • Free agents issued the qualifying offer will have to decide whether to accept it or continue to test the free agent market. The Twins won’t have any players they’re waiting on, but a few potential targets could opt to accept the QO and play the season out on a high-value, one-year deal.

December 4 - 7: Winter Meetings

  • With rosters solidifying and a better picture of the free agent market in place, the Winter Meetings always initiate a flurry of roster moves. The Twins should have a good idea where they stand at shortstop by this point. If Correa isn’t back on board, the Winter Meetings will present an opportunity to evaluate their other options as the dust settles.

December 7: Rule 5 Draft

  • After a one-year hiatus due to the lockout, the Rule 5 draft returns in 2022. Teams will have the chance to steal players from other teams’ minor league systems who are eligible to be drafted and not on a 40-man roster. Players selected have to remain on their team’s 26-man roster for the entirety of the season or else they have to be returned to the previous team or have a trade worked out.

January 13: Arbitration Filing Deadline

  • If arbitration-eligible players have not agreed to terms with their teams by this date, both parties file numbers of what they believe the player’s salary should be for the 2023 season. An independent arbitrator will then decide which figure the player will earn. Hearings take place in March, but the teams and players can agree to new terms at any point prior to that.

January 15: International Signing Period Begins

  • As part of the new CBA, the league and Players’ Union were expected to work out an international draft rather than the current free agent system. However, a deal wasn’t agreed to before the predetermined deadline, so international free agency will continue at least through 2026. The period starts on January 15 and runs until December 15, but almost all of the allotted international signing money will be spent on the first few days.

February 24: Spring Training Games Begin!

The Twins have a pivotal offseason with decisions that could impact the franchise for years to come. They have the money and supporting pieces to make them the team to beat in the AL Central, and the right moves will set them up for that going forward. Use our Offseason Plan creator to put together your perfect Twins team for 2023.