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Stand Up & Shouuuuuuut!

What’s the craziest live sports environment you’ve ever experienced?

October 5, 2002 - Minneapolis, MN - Twins vs Oakland in Playoffs - Twins fans wave homer hankies as the players take to the field for their playoff game against the Okalnd A’s at the Metrodome. The Twins won, 11-2. Photo by JUDY GRIESEDIECK/Star Tribune via Getty Images

This Saturday, I will be attending my first Minnesota Vikings game at U.S Bank Stadium. I have heard the atmosphere inside that venue—drum-pounding, horn-blowing, SKOL-chanting, etc.—is second to none in the NFL. With the Vikes being 10-3 and looking to make some serious noise in a push for the franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy, I’m sure the crowd will be in full throat.

Though I don’t quite know this first-hand yet (ask me again after this weekend), a “football crowd”—raucous and intense—would seem to be a different animal entirely than a “baseball crowd”—laid back and casual, for the most part. I’m sure I’ll experience decibel levels at The Bank that multiple 2022 Target Field contests combined wouldn’t reach.

That being said, a few live baseball occasions have brought out my inner hoot-n-holler:

Stand Up & Shouuuuuuuuut...

8/16/1991: Though I do not recall this moment with clarity, apparently 5-year-old me went berserk when Chili Davis hit a ball into RF that Jose Canseco played like a pinball machine.

8/29/2002: Bobby Kielty’s consecutive 8th inning go-ahead hits whipped me into a frenzy as the Twins coasted into the playoffs for the first time in ages.

9/25/2008: In the finale of that epic White Sox series, I quite literally left my feet when Denard Span chopped a triple past 1B to send Carlos Gomez home and tie the game. When Alexi Casilla provided the walk-off? I swear the entire Metrodome physically trembled.

4/17/2015: In the early-2010s, I developed a somewhat-irrational attachment to Trevor Plouffe (“solid player on a bad team” syndrome). So, when Plouuuuuufe’s walk-off 11th inning bomb put away Cleveland and jump-started the Twins to a solid campaign, I went so bonkers I lost my voice. The only other time that has happened to me was after a Garth Brooks concert.

What was the most vociferous live-sports environment you’ve ever contributed to or been a part of? Perhaps you attended an ‘87/’91 World Series game or a Vikings Dome playoff extravaganza. For me, that question may—likely will—be answered when the gjallarhorn blows in a few days.