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Bombshell Report Points Toward MLB Corruption

Not just incompetence?

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here around Twinkie Town, we would never slander the good name of beloved commissioner Rob Manfred, especially not in any comment sections. However, I'd like to bring your attention to a bombshell story that dropped yesterday.

Most of us were probably distracted by esteemed reporter Jon Heyman prematurely breaking the (as-yet-to-happen) Aaron Judge signing and then essentially shrugging and saying "sorry, bro". Coincidentally (wink-wink), at the same time as Heyman's folly, Insider released a story on the findings of a study by "Dr. Meredith Wills, a Society for American Baseball Research award-winning astrophysicist".

Dr. Wills is almost certainly smarter than you or me, and _definitely_ smarter than our beloved commissioner. Her study on the consistency of the baseballs used by MLB produced some interesting findings that suggest not just incompetence on MLB's part, but actual planned manipulation.

I highly recommend you read the actual report, which I'll link at the bottom of this post, but Wills found that MLB used three different balls this year. They pulled from the old batch of juiced balls that had supposedly been eliminated. They mainly used deadened balls from the new manufacturing process. But the "Goldilocks" balls are really what's interesting. MLB manufactured special baseballs, between the two extremes, and used them only in certain games. These games were mainly games where a special stamp would be used on the balls- think anniversaries, the home run derby, and the all-star game. However, what Wills found was these balls were also used exceedingly in the postseason and random NEW YORK YANKEES games. Coincidence? Count me as skeptical.

I could not possibly recommend more that you read the full report, which includes efforts of MLB to disparage Dr. Wills' work and suppress her collection of data. Click here.