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Lottery results: Twins to pick fifth in 2023 MLB Draft

The inaugural draft lottery produces beneficial results for Minnesota.

Christmas Lottery
At last, luck comes to Minnesota.
Photo by NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Entering the inaugural draft lottery, the Twins sat in 13th place in reverse MLB standings. Their chances of a top-six pick were minimal, their hopes for the top slot overall sitting at just 0.9 percent.

While that 0.9-percent chance failed to come to fruition, luck was on Minnesota’s side.

After the drawing, the Twins landed the fifth pick in the upcoming 2023 MLB draft, giving them increased chances to add a marquee prospect.

According to pool reporter JJ Cooper, who attended the lottery selections, only nine of the 1,001 possible combinations would have landed the Twins a top-six pick, and one of those came up. (The Twins even had a chance at a combination that would have landed them the first pick, but that ball didn’t come up.)

In addition to the higher pick, per Aaron Gleeman, the Twins will also have an additional $2 million to sign draft choices.

While the hot stove continues to burn (no thanks to incendiary fellows such as Arson Judge), this is one bit of good news for Minnesota and their associated fandom. Let us hope that further beneficences are to come.