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Gud Twins Tourney, Minneapolis Mid-Round, Game 3: Catchers who rake

And they weren’t the only ones with hot bats.

Minnesota Twins v Oakland Athletics
Not pictured: the rake.

Let’s see who else pummelled pitching.

TJ Division

(1) Wonder Years 7
(2) Scrabble Babble 12
Babble lead series 2-1

In a dual offensive outburst, the Babble took charge midway through and never surrendered.

Norm Zauchin led the Scrabble charge with four hits as the Babble outlasted the years 12-7 to retake the series lead.

Max Kepler was also a key contributor for the Babble, hitting three doubles and driving in four runs.

The teams swung back and forth over the first five innings, with Wonder erasing a 3-0 deficit to take a one-run lead. But in the bottom of the fifth, Kepler doubled in Ken Landreaux and Zauchin walked before backstop Jerry Zimmerman broke the tie for good with a two-run triple.

After those six runs were in, Scrabble proceeded to add another sextet, Zauchin completing their scoreboard output with his eighth-inning longball.

Wonder catcher Mark Salas added a homer of his own, but it was far from enough to bring back the Years.

Benjamin Division

(1) Inside Baseballers 2
(2) Special Ks 5
Baseballers lead series 2-1

After five straight wins to open the GTT playoffs, the Baseballers finally took an L.

Special Ks batters clocked four homers, including three in the second inning, leading their team to a 5-2 victory.

Although Inside opened the scoring with a Kent Hrbek home run in the top of the second, Harmon Killebrew tied the score with a solo shot in the bottom portion of the frame. Two batters later, catcher George Mittlewald brought his own bat to the plate:

Bobby Darwin sent a longball to go back-to-back with Mitterwald, giving the Ks a 3-1 lead that they would not relinquish.

On the mound for the Ks, Francisco Liriano hurled eight three-hit innings, allowing both Inside runs while striking out twelve.

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