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BreakingT: C4 and the Land of 10,000 Rakes

A new shirt has launched from our friends at BreakingT featuring Carlos Correa.

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Hey have you heard? You know that thing we all keep writing/thinking/dreaming about? That’s right, Carlos Correa is on the Twins and hoping to lead Minnesota to the playoffs and ultimately their next championship.

It’s hard to overstate what the signing means. Getting a top level player to come to the Twin Cities in the midst of his prime has almost never happened in Minnesota sports history, let alone to the Twins.

In honor of the biggest free agent signing in franchise history, our good friends over at BreakingT made a new shirt for us. Carlos Correa has joined the Twins in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and if he has it his way, the land of 10,000 Juicy Lucys. This shirt, like all of the Twins shirts by BreakingT, is a licensed MLB product, produced and screened in the U.S., and made of premium material. You can also get the shirt in youth sizes, a women’s v-neck, or as a hoodie.

Celebrate Carlos Correa joining the Twins with this new shirt. Click here to check it out, and take a look at BreakingT’s other Twins gear as well. Let’s get this new season started!