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Twins on the Timeline: The Who’s-Who of Twins Twitter

A Twins Fan’s Guide to the Twitterverse


“Tweet while the heat is in you. … The tweeter who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with.”

-Henry David Thoreau, probably

This one is for all you current and prospective Twitter users out there. A Twitter timeline can be a wonderful place, full of relevant news and commentary and comedy when curated correctly. If you live and breathe the Twins, this is your guide on how to fill your timeline with great follows, broken down into six distinct categories.

Straight from the Source: Official Twins Accounts

Highlight: @morsecode (Dustin Morse)

Dustin Morse, the Communications/Marketing and Player Relations Manager, highlights the best content from other Twins accounts, and also keeps followers up to date on various Twins events and news.

The Best of the Rest:

Keeping up with the Twins: Twins News and Commentary

Highlight: @AaronGleeman (Aaron Gleeman)

Aaron Gleeman is one of two Twins beat writers for online publication The Athletic. While his articles are protected by a paywall, Gleeman is one of the most active and insightful Twins commentators on the app. He also has a weekly free podcast, Gleeman and the Geek.

The Best of the Rest:

Bonus: The Tweeters of Twinkie Town

Just for Kicks: Quirky Content

Highlight: @CespedesBBQ (Cespedes Family BBQ)

Run by true baseball junkies Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman, Cespedes Family BBQ is a must-follow for any baseball fan. While they do provide solid commentary on baseball happenings, it is also one of the funniest baseball accounts on Twitter.

The Best of the Rest:

  • @TwinsNewsNow- “Twins Players you forgot about”, as well as other commentary, highlights, and news
  • @MNTwinsZealot- “Jeff” gives us loads of nostalgia with highlights from years past
  • @BoringJoeMauer- The handle speaks for itself. Incredibly Minnesotan
  • @TC_00- “TC Bear” tweets like he acts, if that makes sense

Around the Horn: MLB News and Highlights

Highlight: @JeffPassan (Jeff Passan)

The #1 Baseball Insider at ESPN, and probably of Twitter. Passan is not an MLB puppet like Jon Heyman, and he doesn’t tweet out false reports like Bob Nightengale. The most reliable (honorable mention to Ken Rosenthal) MLB insider, if Jeff tweets out a transaction, you know that it is 100% real.

The Best of the Rest:

  • @PitchingNinja- Rob Friedman, tweets out mind-breaking pitching clips that show just how difficult hitting is
  • @Ken_Rosenthal- Ken Rosenthal, The Athletic Insider, MLB on FOX dugout reporter
  • @MLBStats- Self-explanatory, tweets out interesting stats and statcast data
  • @MLB- Official MLB account
  • @mlbtraderumors- Great account for getting wind of transactions early

Get to Know ‘Em: Twins Player Accounts

Highlights: @Brent_Rooker12 (Brent Rooker) and @Dobnak_ (Randy Dobnak)

The Rest (Who are Active Users):

There you have it. Keep up with the Twins and be entertained all season long by following these accounts. Did I miss any? Who do you like to follow for MLB or Twins content on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!