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Gud Twins Tourney, Minneapolis Mid-Round, Game 2: Bly versus Bly

You can probably guess one of the winning pitchers.

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One Bly stands, the other falls...
Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

(Weird Al’s “I Think I’m a Clone Now” starts playing in the distance)

TJ Division

(2) Scrabble Babble 2
(1) Wonder Years 6
Series tied 1-1

After the Babble’s offensive explosion in Game 1 of the Mid-Round, it was the Years who struck quickly this time.

Early home runs from Lew Ford and Rich Reese backed a strong outing from Phil Hughes, and Wonder coasted to a 6-2 series-tying win.

Hughes allowed just five hits and two runs — both solo homers — across his eight innings on the rubber.

Wonder staked Hughes to an early lead, with Ford leading off the game by going yard:

An inning later, Reese followed Nick Punto’s RBI single with a three-run shot to give Hughes a five-tally cushion.

Though Scrabble’s two homers made that cushion slightly thinner, Marty Cordova gave Wonder a boost with a solo dong of his own in the bottom of the eighth. The scoreboard would change no more.

Benjamin Division

(2) Special Ks 2
(1) Inside Baseballers 6
Baseballers lead series 2-0

In a pitching matchup of Bert Blyleven against Bert Blyleven, Blyleven dominated.

That is, ITP’s Blyleven, who struck out 17 opposing batters while his dugout’s lineup coshed four home runs, the Baseballers easily taking a two-game series lead with a 6-2 win.

While the Ks’ Blyleven pitched a solid seven-inning, seven-hit, 10-whiff game, his four home runs allowed proved too much for his lineup to overcame, as ITP’s Blyleven limited them to two hits, each driving in one of the only Special runs.

Supported by home runs off the bats of Tom Brunansky, Jimmie Hall, Rich Rollins, and light-hitting Steve Lombardozzi, ITP’s Blyleven set down K after K, setting the tournament-thus-far strikeout mark by setting down the side in the eighth.

Special loaded the bases in the ninth off Taylor Rogers and Joe Nathan, but Nathan struck out the would-be tying run in Bobby Darwin to preserve the win for his team’s Blyleven.

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