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So, um, hey, what's your avatar?

Why not share stories of your chosen user image? Stories you are strongly advised NOT to geek out over on a first date.

Chin Chin
This 1935 movie, “After Office Hours,” was written by the same guy who wrote ‘“Citizen Kane.” TRUE FACT.
Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images

I was considering doing a Lockout Link Dump, but that’s too depressing. Here's the quick links:

  • On the competitive balance tax
  • A Minnesota pastor writing about how rigid religion and rigid negotiation stances both drive away people who want the beauty of the thing itself
  • On how, in 1890, players tried forming their own league, and made doomed mistakes by stiffing the support workers & trusting their rich, greedy backers
  • Marc Normandin and profound stadium-subsidy-critic Neil DeMause on media coverage of this being a case of "both sides" (it is, assuredly, not)

There. That's the link dump. I don't want to go into it at this time. You can all read, and those opinions are more informed than mine. Plus this lets me close a lot of browser windows.

My fun question is: what's your avatar?

Those little graphic boxes by your name in comments. Which SB has allowed us to keep, for now, in their new comment formatting. Most of you have one. Here's why I have mine.

Mine is a Mooninite. It's a character from the "Adult Swim" cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force, in which an order of fries, a shake, and a raw meatball team up to solve mysteries ... except they never really do anything besides lounge around in their house.

The Aqua Teens are beset by numerous invincible foes ... all of whom are pretty bad at being foes. Among them are the Mooninites, whose evil power is they are rendered in eight-bit computer graphics. (My avatar is flipping the eight-bit bird, although that's hard to see.)

Now, I'll gladly pimp shows, artists, authors I like, but DO NOT WATCH Aqua Teen Hunger Force! (Watch Bob's Burgers instead.) Aqua Teen is like what would happen if you mixed Steven Wright with Bobcat Goldthwait. It's alternately slow as hell, with jokes extended WAY past the point they should be, or free-association craziness.

I love it, because I am strange, but I don't expect you to. Nor is that why I picked a Mooninite as my avatar.

Here's why. In 2007, there was a movie, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. (Lest you wonder why "colon" is in there, it's this : )

Some guys with a few dollars from Adult Swim made Lite-Brites featuring a Mooninite and surreptitiously placing them in various Boston locations. They looked like this:

You have now been flipped the bird. Break out the elite SWAT unit.

The Boston PD went nuts, thinking these were some kind of coordinated terrorist symbols ready to explode all at once. The BPD practically put the city on shutdown. And Boston is a large, large city.

These weren't coordinated terrorist bombs; they were goofy promotional Lite-Brite graffiti. But I love that story. So that's why it's my avatar.

What's the reason you picked yours? Is the image funny? Does it have sentimental value? Is it you? Why not share, we've got nothing else to do until Manfred gets visited by three baseball ghosts.

And hey, here's the absolutely brilliant opening to ATHF Colon Movie Film For Theaters. I said, DON'T WATCH ANY MORE OF THIS STUFF, and I mean it, but this is very funny. It has one highly naughty swear word. Which would apply quite well to baseball owners right now.

Avatar explanations? Anybody else want to write about theirs?