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PICTURES: Twins fans celebrate baseball’s return with free breakfast on the plaza

Breakfast on the Plaza at Target Field
Kamie Roesler

It’s the first time since 2019 Twins fans are back in full force, with no COVID-19 restrictions. Before Friday’s home opener Twins fans were once again treated to a free breakfast on the plaza.

It ran from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and fans were ready for it. Hundreds of cars pulled up along 7th Street to get the complimentary food. The breakfast consisted of free coffee, hot dogs and brats, Salted Nut Rolls and ice cream bars. A true baseball fan breakfast - in Minnesota - while it was snowing.

This is Mario showing off his breakfast ice cream bar.

Fans flocked to the plaza, some walking, some riding their bikes and walking their dogs.

TC Bear rode a unicycle.

TC Bear cruises in on unicylce

Doors opened for Twins fans at 1 p.m. The first 10,000 fans Friday, Saturday and Sunday get free Twins jackets.

Fans and workers I spoke to say they are just ready to be back in person, cheering on their favorite, re-vamped team.

“We have a great lineup and a lot of changes happened, so it’s exciting to see what’s going to happen in real life now,” Twins worker Molly Partyka said.

“Baseball’s back! I just look at Target Field and a lot of hardwork in the offseason goes into this day,” Twins Director of Baseball Communications and Player Relations Dustin Morse said.

“I’m loving it. It’s the best plaza around. It’s such a great atmosphere, and the Twins fans they really care,” Gwen Reoch said. Reoch moved to Minneapolis recently and said they’re excited to check out some Twins games.