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Can my family afford a Twins game?

All the tips and tricks you need to make a trip to Target Field fun, and affordable, for the whole family.

It’s been a fun start to the 2022 season for the AL Central-leading Minnesota Twins. One thing lacking has been the fans. Seats are open every night, and I’m talking about several seats.

Over the years baseball has lost a bit of appeal, and more and more people go to games for the overall experience. That’s very obvious when you sit in left field and listen to the non-baseball-related discussions/cheering beside you. I digress... but what do you do when the experience is too costly for your family? I cannot tell you my favorite, secret spots to sit at Target Field, but I can give you some tips if you are looking to head to a game. Which you should, the Twins need you!

First and foremost, any child under the height of 30 inches, so babies, can attend regular-season games for free. Diaper bags 16” by 16” by 8” or smaller are allowed into Target Field. Purses are allowed. Drawstring bags are allowed. Soft-sided, single compartment coolers are even allowed!

If you somehow bring a bag that is not allowed, there is a FREE baggage storing area. The lockers are located near Gate 6 and Target Field Station.

If you have kids and aren’t interested in dropping $17 on a nacho helmet, or $30 on three ice creams, you can bring in your own snacks. You cannot bring Tupperware filled with food, but stocking up on gas station candy or chips before the game is not out of the question. You just cannot bring sunflower seeds, NO sunflower seeds.

You can also bring in a water bottle, 32 oz. or less. It needs to be sealed, so it either needs to be a purchased water, or an empty water bottle you can fill up once you get in the stadium. Soft-sided, juice or milk for kids also can be brought into Target Field.

Where do I park?

Target Field has some of the best parking and easiest ramps to get to, but how much is it going to cost you? Ramp B is where I usually park. It costs $14. You walk out by right field. Ramp A also costs $14, and you will walk into Target Field at the Rod Carew #29 Gate which has you right down first baseline. You can also park on the street in Minneapolis, it will cost you $3 an hour, so you can do the math on what works best for you.

Sitting in section 126 at Target Field

What do I do for tickets?

If you need tickets ahead of time, there are many apps or websites to purchase tickets. Ticketmaster or StubHub are probably the most common, however as you probably know, the fees are horrendous. Your best bet - in my opinion - is going to the box office to pick up your tickets. There are no fees. For instance I just got tickets last weekend for $33 apiece to sit lower level, $66 total, no fees.

If you are looking for the cheapest tickets, go during the week.

For the kids...

There’s a fun spot for kids in section 229. It’s a play area called TC’s Clubhouse.

Kids play area in section 229

There’s a fun spot for kids in section 229. It’s a play area called TC’s Clubhouse.

Also, T.C. hosts a dance party during the 4th inning right inside Gate 34. The kids will have a 99% chance of getting on the scoreboard. It’s where the lawn is in right field.

One other thing, if you are bringing kids to the game, sitting in section 229 (by the play area) isn’t totally ideal, or in left or center field in general. Why you ask? Well, it depends how old the child is, but the scoreboard and getting on the scoreboard is a big deal. Seeing the scoreboard is important for many kids (I have learned this the hard way.) There is a little one in right field - the Twins learned that the hard way too after the first season at Target Field - but the big scoreboard in left is the better one. You probably want to sit in an area facing the outfield or in far right field.

Kids play area at Target Field

What to eat?

We touched briefly on bringing your own food into the game. See above for those options. Obviously, there are oodles of options at the game for food and drink, but boy has it gotten expensive. I normally, pretty much every time, get a nacho helmet. The nacho helmet is $17.21 tax included, plus they ask for a tip, so it’s gone up in price.

Something new this year is ‘The Market’ at Target Field. It’s a gas station-like area in lower-level left field. There are a lot of options and self-checkout. You can get salads, soup and sandwiches, energy drinks, nuts, and more and often don’t have to wait in line. It’s like going to a really expensive gas station, but you don’t have to miss an entire inning. Also - something cool is they have an entire cooler full of adult beverages, they card you when you walk in, but you can just grab and go.

Concessions at Target Field
Grilled Cheese at Target Field
‘The Market’ in left field

Some other helpful facts...

  • There are many charging zones for phones on the main concourse across from section 116. There are also charging areas near Section R in the Delta SKY360° Club.
  • If you want to show up early, you can watch the Twins take batting practice (some days) prior to game time 2 12 hours before the game with the competition taking BP 1 12 hours prior to game time. Gates open for Fri-Sun games 2 hours early.
  • If you are at the game wondering why the workers make you stand at the top of the aisles during play, it’s out of courtesy to others. While players are at the plate, you are not to be walking up and down the stairs.
  • Brooms are not allowed. Perhaps invest in a little handheld sweeper. Maybe they allow those in. I learned this the hard way.
  • If you catch a home run and want to Wrigley Field it by throwing it back, you could potentially get ejected from Target Field. People may persuade you to do it. You might not get in trouble, but just know... you can get booted.
  • Lastly, a quick plug for Treasure Island Resort and Casino, it’s always fun to spin the wheel. All you need is your ID and you can win something fun from TI down third baseline, lower level. I won a free spa treatment. They probably get all your information, but it’s still fun.

Can you afford a Twins game? It’s always doable, and the Twins need all the support they can get. If you have any other questions about attending a Twins game feel free to comment or reach out to me on Twitter, @KamieRoeslerTC. Go Twins!