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Twins Players Need More Voting Support From Fans

As the numbers stand right now, no Twins players will be starting the All-Star Game

Colorado Rockies v Minnesota Twins Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

You may have seen it recently at Twins games, the QR codes up on the scoreboard to VOTE for your favorite Twins to make it to the MLB All-Star Game. The MLB All-Star Game is Tuesday, July 19 at Dodger Stadium. Phase one of voting is soon wrapping up, and some of your favorite Twins players need your help.

Click here to vote.

Phase one of voting wraps up at 12:59 p.m. CT on June 30. You can vote up to five times per email address, per day, until then.

How does it work?

Each MLB team nominated one player for every position, three outfielders and a DH. Pitchers are voted on by the player, not fans. 32 players from each league will be selected, all teams will have a representative.

At the end of the first phase of voting, the player with the most fan votes per league automatically gets to start the game at their position. This means after phase one there will be only two starters determined.

Once the top vote-getters are determined, it’s on to Phase two of voting. For this, the top two players for each infield spot, including at DH, and the top six outfielder vote-getters will be on the ballot. In this phase fans only have one ballot submission per day (per email address).

The second round of voting starts at 11 a.m. CT on July 5. It ends July 8.

Players will pick the pitchers - five starters and three relievers per league and then one other position player in each league.

The final six spots will be filled by the Commissioner’s Office. Managers have no say in this final filling of spots.

Preliminary voting results show Twins players in desperate need of more fan support. Luis Arraez especially. I predicted this though, when you think of Luiz Arraez, you don’t think of a first baseman. I also don’t like fan voting in general. I like fan interaction and having some sort of say, but I think numbers should determine the starters.

So where do Twins players stand as we near the end of Phase one?


  • 1. Alejandro Kirk, Blue Jays - 1,857,670
  • 6. Gary Sánchez, Twins - 226,415


  • 1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Blue Jays - 1,624,228
  • 4. Luis Arraez, Twins - 462,319


  • 1. Jose Altuve, Astros - 1,156,474
  • 6. Jorge Polanco, Twins - 190,018


  • 1. José Ramírez, Guardians - 1,219,704
  • 8. Gio Urshela, Twins - 172,945


  • 1. Bo Bichette, Blue Jays - 1,084,794
  • 7. Carlos Correa, Twins - 274,727


  • 1. Yordan Alvarez, Astros - 1,374,876
  • 9. Kyle Garlick, Twins - 110,679


  • 1. Aaron Judge, Yankees - 2,433,088
  • 8. Byron Buxton, Twins - 629,216

Vote here people! All-Stars will be revealed on July 10.

Go Twins!