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Gud Twins Tourney, Wrap-Up: Champions are made

And awards are bestowed.

Tony Oliva, left, who had a big hit; winning pitcher Jim Kaat, and Bob Allison, who made a memorable catch, celebrated after winning Game 2 on Oct. 7, 1965.1965 world series
And it’s all over but the cheers.

Your Gud Twins Tourney champions:

The Inside Baseballers set a would-be MLB record mark of 124-38 across the season (not even best in the league, as the runners-up Wonder Years finished 147-15) and rampaged their way through the playoffs, losing only three games and coming back from a 2-0 series deficit to win the Twinkie Town Title.

But players from across the league had a shot at their own individual glories.

As you’ll see, most were still confined to the top teams.

Gold Gloves

Dat Pean sighting! Nothing else matters.

Reliever of the Year

Surprise, surprise — the two Relievers of the Year are those who played in the title round. Interestingly. the league saves leader, Bump Hadley of the Ks, didn’t come close to receiving the award.

Silver Sluggers

Largely the Years’ and Baseballers’ entire lineups. Look at my shocked face.

Rookie of the Year

I have no idea how the game decided which players counted as rookies,

Additionally, has anyone else noticed that the Bristol Barstools haven’t had anyone come close to even being mentioned for an award? No one should be surprised at that.

Cy Young Award

Hey, awards that didn’t go to the Years or Baseballers!

Geoff Zahn and Walter Johnson are absolutely deserving of the Cys though. Zahn led the league with a 1.76 ERA, while Johnson broke the MLB strikeout record with 390.

And I love the little remark about Johnson being a “budding Hall-of-Famer in the making.”

Most Valuable Player

I was not at all surprised that Rich Reese, he of the Triple Crown, captured the TJ League MVP. I should not have been surprised, but slightly was, that Tony Oliva won the Benjamin League MVP unanimously. I’d probably have voted for Johnson, but OOTP (as with real life) rarely awards pitchers the MVP.

And with that, the tournament is over. The Inside Baseballers are your Gud Twins Tourney championships.

Now back to real baseball.

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