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Game 100: Twins at Padres

The matchup the nation has been waiting for.

Minnesota Twins v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

First Pitch: 6:15 pm CDT

TV: FOX / ~ / Radio: TIBN

In one of the more peculiar national broadcasts, FOX has elected to bring this game, between interleague opponents with no significant mutual history, to the American viewing public. Lucky us!

The Twins and Padres are facing off again, after a 10-1 drubbing on Friday night, which saw Joe Ryan hung out to dry and left to surrender earned runs in the double digits. Ideally, Minnesota starter Sonny Gray will enjoy a different result this evening — or late afternoon, if you’re on Pacific time.

On the other side of the hill is local hero Joe Musgrove, who is in the process of inking a $100 million deal to remain the ace of the Friar staff. Known to a general audience for being the first Padre to ever toss a no-hitter — it happened early in the 2021 season — Musgrove was named to the All-Star team this year, in what has easily been his best season.

A bit has happened this afternoon, so let’s take a look ahead of the game.

First off, results from last night’s contests have led to a trimming of Minnesota’s divisional lead; it now stands at just one game entering play tonight.


It’s a great time to have depth, which is why the following roster moves are a bit disappointing:

Bailey Ober’s season has gone off the rails, and while Kepler’s absence has already been in play, to lose Miguel Sano so quickly after reinstating him, and needing to toss a roster spot to Tim Beckham, is not an ideal turn of events. Beckham has not seen major-league action in three years, when he was a 29-year-old utility man with the Seattle Mariners.

The deadline is roughly 72 hours away, and the Twins are quickly reaching a point where any acquisitions might just be patching holes instead of bolstering a solid construction. Needless to say, Minnesota needs to find its groove, and quickly; manager Rocco Baldelli alluded to as much last night.

Musgrove is a tough assignment tonight; the Twins need to stop a three-game skid and try to end July on a high note this weekend.